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I love sheracoons! i spent

I love sheracoons! I spent so much time and effort looking into breeders and I ultimately decided on Sheracoons. We drove from upstate New York all the way to Hagerstown Maryland and back in one day to get her! she has the sweetest personality and such a cuddle bug. and I really do believe Sheracoons will give you the exact cat you are looking for because our little Gemini is exactly what we were looking for!! she’s still growing and I’m so excited to see the colors she will grow into!

Jessica Fredette

Lisa is amazing to work

Lisa is amazing to work with and I highly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable about the breed and provides lots of information. She is always responsive, answers all your questions and offers advice. Her commitment does not end when you leave with your fur baby. She cares deeply and is available to help when questions arise. Even now after our boy Floki has turned a year old, she always responds. It’s clear that these cats are raised in an environment of love and much handling. Floki is so sweet, happy, loving and healthy and adjusted so well when we brought him home. He was box trained and well socialized. His temperament and demeanor are wonderful. He is truly an amazing cat. We could not be happier and so thankful for Lisa at Sheracoons.

Mallory Creech

I was so lucky to

I was so lucky to adopt George (aka Mr. Floofy Pants, Little Lion, or Pipsqueak) from SheraCoons and Lisa Baron! Our adoption went seamlessly and she was wonderful communicating with me. It is clear in everything she does that Lisa wants the very best for all of her kitties. George is so relaxed and social it’s hard to remember he’s feline. He’s smart and curious, but best of all, he loves to cuddle. Despite his regal appearance, he’s a goofball that is silly and adorable. I would definitely recommend any friend to adopt from Lisa. Thank you for this little, not so little, guy! ~Nathalie

Nathalie Kelley

We were blessed enough to

We were blessed enough to welcome two beautiful Mainecoon babies into our home. Apollo was our first and he just stole our hearts right away. He greets us at the door when we come home, plays catch, grabs our faces to pull us closer to him. He is as clingy as it gets and we LOVE it. A year later we brought Artemis home. She is such a sweet baby. She is the most cuddly in the evening. She loves her night time cuddles and she gives and endless amount of kisses. They love each other to pieces. We are forever thankful for Sheracoons for providing us with our two fur-babies. They have found their fur-ever home with us, and we found the same with them. 💙💗

-The Hysock Family

Morgan Vezmar

Our baby Fritzi is such

Our baby Fritzi is such a love! He’s been with us for three years now (he was our pandemic baby, though his arrival was planned before lockdown was on the horizon). I firmly believe that Lisa is just the BEST because she raises her kittens in a home with so much love, many kiddos to socialize the kittens, dogs and many other cats as well. Because of his awesome kitten-hood, Fritzi has always been the gentlest boy, and loves most of all to groom his people (the lick-iest cat I have ever met), and to snuggle with his kitty brothers, who are rescues with rough pasts. Integrating him into our home was easy because he was so easygoing. I can’t thank Lisa enough for giving me my baby, who sleeps on top of me or next to me every night. He will even come tell me it’s bedtime if I’m up too late, sitting in the doorway and talking to me until I get up from whatever I’m doing and come with him to bed. He lies on the floor of the bathroom watching me brush my teeth before bounding onto me in bed. I feel so lucky to have such a sweet boy as a companion. Thanks, Sheracoons!

Callie Ehlers-Cook

I have had Theodore for

I have had Theodore for 2 years now and he is just the best cat. He is a Norwegian Forest Cat that I got from Sheracoons. He is a lovely companion, following me everywhere around the house, full of chirps and antics to get me to play with him. He is beautiful and healthy and a wonderful addition to our home and our other 2 kitties love him, too.
Communication and pictures of him before I received him from Sheracoons, were spotty, but pick up went smoothly and he has been a joy ever since. I will definitely be getting my next kitty, a Maine Coon, here again!

Jean Kark

She’s only been here three

She’s only been here three days and has already trapped our hearts! Meet Phoebe (Maine Coon) aka “Yoda.” Lisa was a joy to work with!

Jean Van Brederode

What a great experience it

What a great experience it was working with Sheracoons to purchase my male Maine Coon. Leonardo is a healthy, well adjusted, beautiful kitten. He is energetic and very loving. What a super kitten

Bob Rizzi

We are so very fortunate

We are so very fortunate to have found Lisa. Not only does she breed great kittens but she herself is a wonderful human being. Her love and care of her cats is phenomenal. Lilly encountered a heath problem early in her kittenhood and Lisa took care of it immediately and professionally. We have had our Lilly for seven months and she couldn’t be more of a joy. She is smart, funny, affectionate and just a perfect kitten. She loves to play, jump, climb and snuggle. Thank you Lisa!

Diedra Beck

Kenzo aka Dean came into

Kenzo aka Dean came into our lives November 27, 2022. I love him more and more everyday. He’s very easy going; loves new people. He was entered in a pet fashion show and he won for being so handsome. He always amazes me with his charming personality. Today (8/27/23) we are celebrating our boy’s first birthday and many more. Thanks Lisa for our baby boy.

Kenadi Johnson

Love our boy❤️❤️ We picked

Love our boy❤️❤️ We picked up our boy Remi in February of this year. He’s 8 months old now and has bought us nothing but joy. He’s into everybody’s business all day and loves his lap time. He makes us laugh constantly. He is so sweet and never stops purring. You can tell he was raised in a loving environment and very well socialized. I couldn’t be happier with our boy. I would highly recommend Lisa and SheraCoons. You won’t be disappointed.

Joey Beaver

Contentment in a picture

Contentment in a picture

Charles J Malinowski

We got our sweet boy

We got our sweet boy Artemis from SheraCoons back in back in Spring of 2022 and he is the sweetest, most loving boy ever. Growing up with Maine Coons I knew what we were getting, but our boy from SheraCoons blew out our expectations for a Coon. I could not recommend Lisa and her cattery enough!

Brooke Mock

I brought Staples (formerly named

I brought Staples (formerly named Spartacus) 2 years ago during the pandemic and he is a pure delight to everyone he makes contact with. He’s full of energy, intelligent, easy to train, as well as stubborn at times, independent, and enormous of course. And his vet is super happy with his health too.

I was so nervous to pick a breeder because I’d never done it before and challenged Ms. Baron quite a bit. When I hadn’t heard from her, I thought my investment was gone but not only did she contact me back, she explained that some litters don’t make it 😭 and put forward the finest feline I have ever seen as an option to take home almost immediately.

I am so thrilled with him and Ms. Baron that I have deposited $ for another. Also, his energy is too much for my other darlings who are prematurely old in mindset 🤣

Anyway, thank you for being a careful and diligent breeder, ever concerned about the welfare of your cats’ descendants.

Jessica K

How smart? I’m eating applesauce

How smart? I’m eating applesauce with strawberries with a spoon from the Motts cup. Hazel is on my lap, she wants a taste off my spoon. I balk, so she puts her paw in the cup and licks her fingers. This is the most beautiful cat in so many ways from the BEST cattery. Stop searching; you can’t get a better breeder.

Charles Malinowski

We adopted our baby mere

We adopted our baby mere months ago, but it feels as if she was always with us. She is the cutest, quirkiest, and most active little troublemaker. But she is an absolute doll that seems to need to be at least touching you – if not be laying atop you – to fall asleep.

We live in Michigan, so it was a long journey to pick her up. But it was completely worth it because she is just amazing. She’s a doll with an attitude. She’s constantly busy, too busy for my kisses, and is constantly curious.

It is obvious that she came from a place full of love and warmth. Whenever we share how our little one is doing, Lisa is always so happy to hear about it. She DEFINITELY cares for all of the felines that journey through her home.

Mar and Tony B-N

I’ve had Milano for almost

I’ve had Milano for almost 2 years and she’s the best cat. She is so sassy sweet and fun. Lisa is so great to work with. The communication she keeps up with each adopter is great. She’s always happy to hear updates. I can’t wait to adopt another from Lisa. Hopefully all black to go with my all white girl! 🖤

Myra Northedge

Our baby, Odin, is almost

Our baby, Odin, is almost 7 months old now and such a HAM! I’ve owned cats my entire life and have never had one like him. He is immediately every persons friend when he meets them. He will follow me from room to room, chirping and trilling away. Almost like he’s saying “Where you going mom? Mom? Mom!” He is just the best boy ever.

Ashley Duval

Mr. Muffins became a member

Mr. Muffins became a member of our family in August 2022, and we fell instantly in love with him. He is now almost 11 months old, and is the “Supervisor.” He is in everyone’s business, and oversees everything we do. His behavior is so fun and he is sweet and loving. He does not like to show us humans PDA in front of the other kitties (we have 3 other kitties), but he snuggles with us at bedtime and gives us lots of kitty kisses. We feel so blessed to have one of Lisa’s SheraCoon babies. She has been so helpful whenever I had any questions, and I would 100% recommend SheraCoons, to anyone, considering adding a wonderful Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat into their family.

Lisa Martin

Our baby girl is 4

Our baby girl is 4 months old and happy and playful as can be a great addition to the family! She blended right in no issues happy and healthy. Wonderful experience.

Amber noll

We lost our precious 9

We lost our precious 9 year old Maine Coon girl in April. Our hearts were shattered. I found Lisa, went back and forth. She was patient and understanding. When the time was right, I picked up Faith in September 2022 and fell in love. We have a 14 year old gal who Faith would pounce on. So what do I do? I call Lisa and picked up our little Amber in November. My old gal is happy and we couldn’t be happier. They bring us so much joy and lots of laughs. Lisa has an awesome selection, she is helpful in every way, and very understanding. I love following the other kitties on the Sheracoons FB family page. Thank you again Lisa!!!

Michelle Lewis

Sheracoons came highly recommended to

Sheracoons came highly recommended to us. Lisa took the time to work with a family to be sure their son’s allergies would not be activated by one of their Norwegians. Lisa went above and beyond for this family. We knew we would want to work with her and Sheracoons. We are so pleased with our Georgiana who soon will be one year old on April 2, 2023. Her loving nature and playfulness are great features. She loves people and warms up to most anyone very quickly. I love playing fetch with her – she is my constant companion. Lisa has a wonderful environment for these babies to become so well adjusted and ready to love their new family. Thank you, Sheracoons for our Georgiana.

Valerie Kaiser

We got our lovely Sith

We got our lovely Sith from Lisa and she is my daughters best friend! Everywhere my daughter goes Sith follows. They absolutely adore each other! Best breeder ever.

Christina Smith

Nero is 1 year old

Nero is 1 year old now and I couldn’t be happier. He is sweet, cuddly, and hilarious. I have never met a more mellow and beautiful kitty and he is everything I ever could have wanted. He was friendly and outgoing since the day he came home with us and lets me pick him up, carry him around, rub his belly and he even rides around on top of my back. He follows me everywhere I go! Lisa and her kitties are the absolute best, if you want a maine coon look no further!

Elise Leuenberger

Lisa’s kittens are such well

Lisa’s kittens are such well adjusted, loving and personable babies. We have had our Bailies, a cream Maine Coon for about 2 yrs now and she was such a wonderful addition to our family! She is so sweet and affectionate and has totally stolen our hearts! Lisa takes the best care of her cats and all of her kittens are handled and loved by her family before they find their forever home. She’s the Best! I would recommend her cattery to anyone looking for a new cat.

Susan Schmalzried

We have had our little

We have had our little girl for 10 days and she has taken over! Her outgoing fearless personality has won over my older female cat and my 3 Cane Corsos. She is so affectionate and smart. We are totally in love with her and are looking forward to adding a little brother for her from Lisa. Thank you Lisa!

Denise Haas

Lisa is simply great to

Lisa is simply great to work with. Her kittens are so well socialized and have a great temperament. She truly cares about her babies. I will definitely recommend her and, if I am so lucky, adopt another kitten from her some day. This is my three year old NFC, Tomte that I got from her. His current weight is 22 pounds – he is a big boy! And we love every ounce of him!


To say that our lives

To say that our lives have been changed would be an understatement. When we brought home our first baby, Nala, never did we expect for her to have such an positive impact. A few short months later, we made the decision to welcome a second, Hunter. I’ve had numerous cats growing up, and loved them all, but nothing compares to the qualities that these cats exhibit. It doesn’t feel right referring to them as just “cats.” They are so much more than that. They have absolutely changed the trajectory of our lives, and the size of our hearts. Their stunning beauty is just the tip of the iceberg. Their temperament is unmatched. The joy that they’ve brought to our household makes the thought of life without them unimaginable. I can’t stress enough to whomever may be on the fence about bringing one home that this is the best decision you will ever make. We are currently waiting to bring home two additional babies once they are of age. These are the best fur companions that I have ever had and I can’t thank Lisa enough for everything she does to ensure that.

Daniel Song

I bought a beautiful healthy,

I bought a beautiful healthy, loving social and very intelligent male Maine Coon (MC) from Lisa in August 2022. I can’t say enough positive things about Lisa’s caring nature for the animals she breeds, rescues, her knowledge, always available, her willingness to answer questions, share pictures, FaceTime and most importantly she’s transparent. Everyone loves Odin, he has so much personality;?she does an excellent job socializing her cats. Moreover, she’s still available even after delivering her babies to their forever homes. Don’t think twice about getting a MC from her cattery, you won’t regret the decision…🙂❤️🐈

Nathan Humes

Shelly from Annapolis, MD

I am the happy Sheraparent of 2 amazing Maine Coons.
My diluted calico is 4yrs old and is leader of the dog pack of the house. She is stunning, quirky, funny, healthy and devoted (on her terms of course).
I recently added a stunning black smoke tuxedo male. Bruce entered this dog/cat hybrid home with no fear and immediately shares affection and trust with his visitors. My heart is full.

LynRae Blizzard from Spotsylvania

We have had our sweet Freddie for a little over 6 months now. He is about 9.5 months old and weighs around 14 lbs. Freddie is incredibly friendly, curious, and outgoing. He greets strangers without hesitation and acclimated to our home in less than 48 hours. He demanded that our 8-year-old cat love him (he wouldn’t take no for an answer) and now they are buds. When he’s “naughty” (he likes to tip over water bottles 🤣) we call him Fred. He comes to his name and sits on command, because of course he is a genius. He has made our home happier and livelier! We love our Freddie

Nancy Nolan from Reston VA

When my beloved elderly MC cat passed away I started looking online for a breeder near by. I stumbled upon Shera Coons and immediately fell in love with the photos of available kittens. Needless to say I was scared because I didn’t know the breeder or anyone who had adopted a kitten from her. Thank God that I took my chances and adopted a male kitten who brought so much joy into my life that two months later I adopted a second. These are the BEST cats, pure love. My adult daughter and her children fell so much in love with my two that she also adopted two kittens from Lisa. Possibly because they are raised with children, dogs, and love, they are the most incredible cats. There is a private Facebook page for people who have adopted cats from Lisa and we all seem to have the same experience; absolutely beautiful cats who are all remarkable. I have had pets my entire life, ( hitting 70 soon, so I have had a lot! ) and I can honestly say that these are the best pets that I have ever had. I can’t speak highly enough of Lisa and her cats.

Elicia Robets from Ephrata, PA

We Love Karl so much! We have had him about 1 month. He follows us everywhere, loves being a part of game night or anything we are all doing. He is a huge snuggle bug actually gives hugs by reaching out squeezing and pressing his head on you. He is absolutely the best! loves playing fetch, running, pouncing, chirping and chattering all day. We have other animals after 2 weeks they all love him too! He his so soft and fluffy. He’s our little Prince. When we are ready for our next addition to our family we will definitely be reaching out to Sheracoons! Thank you so much.

Tiffany D from Hanover

Lisa was wonderful to work with! We are so happy with Ronnie, our 6-mo old blue smoke male. Lisa answered our questions, video chatted with us and payment was simple and easy. Beautiful cats, excellent temperaments and an reputable breeder. Thank you Lisa! -Tiffany and Conor

Keshawn F from Ft. Washington

One of the best breeders I know. The process was very professional from the beginning until i retrieved my kitten. She provided helpful tips and kept in communication in a timely fashion. My male Mainecoon is the best from the best. Thank you !! – Keshawn F.

Amy Morrison from Friendship

We have two gorgeous male maine coons we bought from Lisa. We couldn’t Be happier. The cats are healthy and so happy!! It is apparent by their confidence that they cane from a very talented and conscientious breeder!! Thank you Lisa❤️❤️

Lynn from Colorado Springs

I purchased Sully from Lisa several years back and now Saturn and couldn’t be happier! The cats are healthy, happy, calm and very fluffy! LOVE THEM!!!!!! 😍