Available Maine Coon Kitten MD


Serious Inquiries Only!

Our Process is pretty simple!

  1. Fill out Application and get Approved.
  2. Receive email saying you are approved with Deposit, Payment and Contract information.
  3. Within 48 hours of approval, place your Deposit, pick your kitty!
  4. Within 3 Days of Deposit, or sooner, fill out Contract via electronically or print pdf and return.
  • A non refundable deposit of $500.00 is required to reserve a Kitten.
  • Deposits are required within 48 hours of Application Approval in order to reserve a kitten.
    • Should we not receive Deposit within 48 hours, we reserve the right to move on to the next approved applicant.
  • Cash, PayPal, Venmo & Zelle are acceptable forms of payments for Deposits.


  • Deposits made with PayPal, add PayPal charge of $17, please make sure to include their fees.
    • For Venmo Payments if using Friends & Family, no fees are charged.
    • If utilizing Venmo Business option, please add $9 to your payment for fees.
  • Our Maine Coon Kittens are $2000 to $2700
  • Kittens are preferred be paid for in full 2 weeks before kitten pick up date.
    • Early payments are accepted
  • Kittens must be picked up between 12-14 weeks of age at our discretion
  • Cash, Venmo & Zelle are acceptable for all other forms of payments.
    • We DO NOT accept PayPal for installments or Final Payment for your kitten
    • Prepayment of kitten in full is accepted, as well as any, or as many, payments at any time the Buyer wishes to for their convenience through Venmo or Zelle only.
    • For Venmo Payments if using Friends & Family, no fees are charged. If utilizing Business option, please add $9 to your payment for fees.
    • Remaining Balance Owed is preferred to have paid 2 weeks prior to pick up of kitten.
    • At time of pick-up/delivery, Remaining balance owed to be paid in cash ONLY.
    • We DO NOT accept Checks.


  • For Venmo Payments if using Friends & Family, no fees are charged.
  • If utilizing Venmo Business option, please add $9 to your payment for fees.
  • Zelle has no fees.
  • Waiting List
    • When we don’t have kittens available, We do offer waiting lists for kittens coming.
    • We have kittens throughout the year and if you would like the opportunity to reserve a kitten from us or be placed on our waiting list, we do ask for a Deposit to reserve a kitten
  • Deposits
    • You must fill out a Kitten Application First and be approved.
    • You will receive an email approving your application, along with Deposit information. Deposits are required within 48 hrs of Approval.
    • Deposits are Non-Refundable
    • You can transfer to a future litter, up to 1 year from deposit date.
    • Kittens are chosen in the order that deposits are received upon approval email from us.
    • When someone places a deposit, that reserves them a kitten and a place on our waiting list
    • As kittens come available, families can decide to choose or pass on a kittens depending on what they a wanting and if they are ready at that time.
  • Contract
    • Contract must be filled out via pdf or electronically and returned with 3 days of receipt of deposit payment.
  • What to Expect
    • Reserved Kittens
      • Pictures are taken on Saturday or Sunday and messaged to new families
        • We are looking into a new process where we will update our website with all kittens (even reserved) on our Available Kittens Page every 2 weeks so you can see kitten growth procession.
      • Reminder: I am a Mother with a very busy Child schedule and try to do my best to ensure  pictures are updated on this schedule. I appreciate your understanding and patience
    • Available Kittens
      • Pictures are posted here on our website or on our Social Media.
    • Please be patient with us should we miss a few days as we are an extremely busy family.
    • We are a Closed Cattery which means that we DO NOT allow people into our home! Here’s one of the reasons why.
    • Facetime is available on a limited basis and by appointment only for Pawrents that have already placed a deposit.
      • We would appreciate a text or call should you be unable to attend the scheduled Facetime appointment.
      • Appointments are limited to 15 minutes, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • SheraCoons Maine Coons are registered with TICA and Microchipped
  • All kittens & Adults are TICA Registered
  • Kittens TICA Registration paperwork will be provided upon receipt of Proof of Alteration from a licensed Veterinarian within 1 year from Birth Date.
  • When kittens are picked up, a set time and date is arranged.
  • Kitten Pick Up/Delivery is in Frederick or Hagerstown.
  • Pick up times can be flexible, but must be agreed upon by the time the kitten is 12 weeks old
    • If the set time and date turns out to not work, then arrangements must be made at that time of cancellation
  • We do not allow for pick up times to be drawn out past the kitten being 16 weeks unless this was previously discussed.
    • Otherwise a Boarding Fee of $10 per day or $100.00 per week will be charged.
  • You will receive a signed copy of our contract with our signature
  • Our kittens are sold with a Pet Contract
  • Our Kitten Questionnaire must be filled out and submitted.  We will email you to let you know when your application is approved and you may place a deposit.
  • Our Contract is reviewed at the time of deposit
  • Shera Coons is a closed private cattery
    • This decreases the chance of illness
    • We DO NOT offer outside stud services
      • All of our cats have been FIV and FeLV tested, along with other DNA testing’s prior to breeding
  • Our Kings & Queens are tested for HCM, PK DEF, and SMA and are double negative (N/N) for all 3
  • Kittens are de-wormed 3 times at
    • 4, 8 weeks of age, and right before they go home.
  • Kittens receive vaccines at 8 and 12 weeks of age
  • New Purrever Families receive a copy of all paperwork
  • Your Kitten comes microchipped with Sheracoons being the Primary & new owner as Secondary. 
  • All kittens go home with 30 days of FREE TRUPANION health insurance. This MUST be activated the day
    before, day of, or day after your kitten leaves. PIN CODE is: BR1SC3122
  • Answers for questions about
    • The Breed
    • Temperament
    • Litter Training
    • Training in General
    • Food
    • Health
    • Behavioral Issues
    • Socialization
    • New Environments
    • Transportation

Don’t forget to read our “Bringing Home Your New Kitten” for useful and recommended information about your new kitten, their health and new environment.

How To Know If its a scam!

Maine Coons are among the top most popular cat breed and sadly so many scammers use their popularity on people simply wanting to purchase this wonderful cat. I am contacted on an almost daily basis by someone who has either been scammed or was almost scammed. Here are some tips to know about scammers and Maine Coons:
No Maine Coon kitten is less than $1500. If you find a kitten for $650 this is a scam. 
If someone is telling you shipping is $150 or free this is a scam.
Check out your breeder with cfa or tica and verify they are registered. This is so easy to do and a scammer will not be registered with any registry.
Ask to FaceTime and see your kitten in person or talk on the phone to your breeder. They should be more then happy to answer any questions you have regarding their cattery, cats, kittens, and ask you questions as well about your potential new kitten.
If someone demands money from you without seeing a kitten run! If they demand the full amount especially run! No legitimate breeder will accept a deposit for a kitten before conducting an interview and talking with you. Scammers pressure you and then block you once they’ve received your money. 
Legitimate breeders send home copies of health records, vaccine and deworming records and veterinary records for your kitten. Scammers will tell you this is not necessary many times and that the kitten is healthy. Your kitten should always see a vet to ensure it is healthy before leaving for your home. 
Scammers also steal pictures from other legitimate breeder and use them as their own. They don not own these kittens, or any kittens. Most of these scammers don’t live in the country either.
Scammers also will not provide an address and many will not talk on the phone. Their communication is poor and you will find they misspell many words such as “puppy” when referring to “kitten” when you start asking questions you will be blocked.

This is another reason why we are a closed Cattery!

For over two months, Lori Heimer’s tight-knit family has struggled to understand why anybody would want to target the loving mother of four daughters.

Lori, 57, was murdered in her home in southeast Assaria, Kansas on Saturday, June 25th.

She was found by family members — who immediately called 911.

June is harvest season in Kansas, so Lori’s husband Ron had to be retrieved from cutting wheat out in the fields.

There have not been any arrests and authorities have released few details about the crime scene.

Lieutenant Michael Ascher with the Saline County Sheriff’s Office said that Lori was “brutally murdered” and it was a “brutal crime”.

Stranger Danger
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We are a closed Cattery!

What does this mean?

“By Closed Cattery”, we mean that we do not permit visitors to our Cattery. That means we DO NOT allow pending Purrever Families to come visit. This is for the safety of the kittens we have in our Nursery and our own, especially during peak Flu & Covid Seasons. Thank you for your understanding.