Available Maine Coon Kitten MD

Nancy Nolan from Reston VA

When my beloved elderly MC cat passed away I started looking online for a breeder near by. I stumbled upon Shera Coons and immediately fell in love with the photos of available kittens. Needless to say I was scared because I didn’t know the breeder or anyone who had adopted a kitten from her. Thank God that I took my chances and adopted a male kitten who brought so much joy into my life that two months later I adopted a second. These are the BEST cats, pure love. My adult daughter and her children fell so much in love with my two that she also adopted two kittens from Lisa. Possibly because they are raised with children, dogs, and love, they are the most incredible cats. There is a private Facebook page for people who have adopted cats from Lisa and we all seem to have the same experience; absolutely beautiful cats who are all remarkable. I have had pets my entire life, ( hitting 70 soon, so I have had a lot! ) and I can honestly say that these are the best pets that I have ever had. I can’t speak highly enough of Lisa and her cats.