Available Maine Coon Kitten MD

To say that our lives

To say that our lives have been changed would be an understatement. When we brought home our first baby, Nala, never did we expect for her to have such an positive impact. A few short months later, we made the decision to welcome a second, Hunter. I’ve had numerous cats growing up, and loved them all, but nothing compares to the qualities that these cats exhibit. It doesn’t feel right referring to them as just “cats.” They are so much more than that. They have absolutely changed the trajectory of our lives, and the size of our hearts. Their stunning beauty is just the tip of the iceberg. Their temperament is unmatched. The joy that they’ve brought to our household makes the thought of life without them unimaginable. I can’t stress enough to whomever may be on the fence about bringing one home that this is the best decision you will ever make. We are currently waiting to bring home two additional babies once they are of age. These are the best fur companions that I have ever had and I can’t thank Lisa enough for everything she does to ensure that.