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I love sheracoons! i spent

I love sheracoons! I spent so much time and effort looking into breeders and I ultimately decided on Sheracoons. We drove from upstate New York all the way to Hagerstown Maryland and back in one day to get her! she has the sweetest personality and such a cuddle bug. and I really do believe Sheracoons … Read more

Lisa is amazing to work

Lisa is amazing to work with and I highly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable about the breed and provides lots of information. She is always responsive, answers all your questions and offers advice. Her commitment does not end when you leave with your fur baby. She cares deeply and is available to help when … Read more

I was so lucky to

I was so lucky to adopt George (aka Mr. Floofy Pants, Little Lion, or Pipsqueak) from SheraCoons and Lisa Baron! Our adoption went seamlessly and she was wonderful communicating with me. It is clear in everything she does that Lisa wants the very best for all of her kitties. George is so relaxed and social … Read more

We were blessed enough to

We were blessed enough to welcome two beautiful Mainecoon babies into our home. Apollo was our first and he just stole our hearts right away. He greets us at the door when we come home, plays catch, grabs our faces to pull us closer to him. He is as clingy as it gets and we … Read more

Our baby Fritzi is such

Our baby Fritzi is such a love! He’s been with us for three years now (he was our pandemic baby, though his arrival was planned before lockdown was on the horizon). I firmly believe that Lisa is just the BEST because she raises her kittens in a home with so much love, many kiddos to … Read more

I have had Theodore for

I have had Theodore for 2 years now and he is just the best cat. He is a Norwegian Forest Cat that I got from Sheracoons. He is a lovely companion, following me everywhere around the house, full of chirps and antics to get me to play with him. He is beautiful and healthy and … Read more

She’s only been here three

She’s only been here three days and has already trapped our hearts! Meet Phoebe (Maine Coon) aka “Yoda.” Lisa was a joy to work with!

What a great experience it

What a great experience it was working with Sheracoons to purchase my male Maine Coon. Leonardo is a healthy, well adjusted, beautiful kitten. He is energetic and very loving. What a super kitten

We are so very fortunate

We are so very fortunate to have found Lisa. Not only does she breed great kittens but she herself is a wonderful human being. Her love and care of her cats is phenomenal. Lilly encountered a heath problem early in her kittenhood and Lisa took care of it immediately and professionally. We have had our … Read more

Kenzo aka Dean came into

Kenzo aka Dean came into our lives November 27, 2022. I love him more and more everyday. He’s very easy going; loves new people. He was entered in a pet fashion show and he won for being so handsome. He always amazes me with his charming personality. Today (8/27/23) we are celebrating our boy’s first … Read more