Sheracoons came highly recommended to

Sheracoons came highly recommended to us. Lisa took the time to work with a family to be sure their son’s allergies would not be activated by one of their Norwegians. Lisa went above and beyond for this family. We knew we would want to work with her and Sheracoons. We are so pleased with our … Read more

We got our lovely Sith

We got our lovely Sith from Lisa and she is my daughters best friend! Everywhere my daughter goes Sith follows. They absolutely adore each other! Best breeder ever.

Nero is 1 year old

Nero is 1 year old now and I couldn’t be happier. He is sweet, cuddly, and hilarious. I have never met a more mellow and beautiful kitty and he is everything I ever could have wanted. He was friendly and outgoing since the day he came home with us and lets me pick him up, … Read more

Lisa’s kittens are such well

Lisa’s kittens are such well adjusted, loving and personable babies. We have had our Bailies, a cream Maine Coon for about 2 yrs now and she was such a wonderful addition to our family! She is so sweet and affectionate and has totally stolen our hearts! Lisa takes the best care of her cats and … Read more

We have had our little

We have had our little girl for 10 days and she has taken over! Her outgoing fearless personality has won over my older female cat and my 3 Cane Corsos. She is so affectionate and smart. We are totally in love with her and are looking forward to adding a little brother for her from … Read more

Lisa is simply great to

Lisa is simply great to work with. Her kittens are so well socialized and have a great temperament. She truly cares about her babies. I will definitely recommend her and, if I am so lucky, adopt another kitten from her some day. This is my three year old NFC, Tomte that I got from her. … Read more

To say that our lives

To say that our lives have been changed would be an understatement. When we brought home our first baby, Nala, never did we expect for her to have such an positive impact. A few short months later, we made the decision to welcome a second, Hunter. I’ve had numerous cats growing up, and loved them … Read more

I bought a beautiful healthy,

I bought a beautiful healthy, loving social and very intelligent male Maine Coon (MC) from Lisa in August 2022. I can’t say enough positive things about Lisa’s caring nature for the animals she breeds, rescues, her knowledge, always available, her willingness to answer questions, share pictures, FaceTime and most importantly she’s transparent. Everyone loves Odin, … Read more

Shelly from Annapolis, MD

I am the happy Sheraparent of 2 amazing Maine Coons. My diluted calico is 4yrs old and is leader of the dog pack of the house. She is stunning, quirky, funny, healthy and devoted (on her terms of course). I recently added a stunning black smoke tuxedo male. Bruce entered this dog/cat hybrid home with … Read more

LynRae Blizzard from Spotsylvania

We have had our sweet Freddie for a little over 6 months now. He is about 9.5 months old and weighs around 14 lbs. Freddie is incredibly friendly, curious, and outgoing. He greets strangers without hesitation and acclimated to our home in less than 48 hours. He demanded that our 8-year-old cat love him (he … Read more