Do not put a Deposit down until you have received verification from Sheracoons

By Placing a Deposit, Buyer acknowledges having read and understood Sheracoons Contract Terms as provided below.

Sheracoons Maine Coons will not sell a kitten without a contract agreement being signed and agreed to by the Buyer. Please read the sales contract before you decide you would like to take one of our kitten’s home or make a deposit on a current or future kitten.

Taking care of a kitten is a big responsibility. We will always be available to give advice with what it will require, and some needs the kitten has that you may, or may not have, considered. We are very much committed to making sure our fur babies will receive the proper care and love they deserve.

You will receive a signed Contract when you either pick up the kitten or pay off the full amount due, which ensures the signing over of the rights of your kitten to you and confirming payment was made.

Fill out our Contract Electronically Below

Sheracoons Contract

Sheracoons Maine Coons & Norwegian Forest Contract
Lisa Baron
Phone: (443) 812-2464

This Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest cat/kitten is being sold as PET ONLY to the approved Buyer ONLY, as listed on this contract. Ownership cannot be transferred to any other person without prior approval from Sheracoons Maine Coons. who must be given first right to rehome the cat/kitten.

Deposit Amount: ___$425.00____________

This cat or kitten is Registered with: TICA

  • No cat or kitten sold from Sheracoons cattery will ever be sold, given away, placed in a shelter, sold to a pet store, given to a laboratory or anywhere else without prior permission from the breeder, Lisa Baron.
  • If for any reason Buyer does not take possession of cat/kitten by specified pick up date, ceases to reciprocate Seller’s communication attempts, or becomes unreachable by Seller, the Seller reserves the right to sell cat/kitten to another approved home and no monies will be refunded. If buyer does a chargeback for any money’s seller reserves the right to come claim back ownership of the kitten/cat immediately.
  • A Deposit is required upon approval of Kitten Application and to choose a particular kitten.
  • Deposits are non-refundable and will be applied toward the total price of the kitten.
    However, a deposit can be transferred to another available kitten if the new choice is made before the previously chosen kitten reaches 8 weeks of age. The buyer can also wait for another litter to be born and will have the pick of that litter if he/she so chooses.
  • Kittens may go to their new homes between 12-14 weeks of age at Seller’s discretion.
  • Remaining Balance Owed is preferred to have paid 2 weeks prior to pick up of kitten.
  • At time of pick-up/delivery, Remaining balance owed to be paid in cash ONLY, (except for pet nanny deliveries) or unless otherwise specified.
  • If we have agreed to extend the delivery or pickup date there will be a boarding be applied of $10 per day or $100 per week. The buyer is responsible for any costs of transporting the kitten. However, the breeder may assist in making travel arrangements as needed.
  • Prior to the delivery of kitten/cat, Seller reserves the right, at any time and for any reason, to terminate or modify this contract. If Seller terminates sale, deposit will be refunded.

Prepayment of kitten in full is accepted, as well as any, or as many, payments at any time the Buyer wishes to for their convenience, however PayPal charges $14 for every $425 sent so please make sure to include their fees. An $1800 charge is $52.51 in PayPal fees.

For Venmo Payments if using Friends & Family, no fees are charged. If utilizing Business option, please add $9 to your payment for fees.

Payment Information:

Zelle: 443-812-2464 or
Venmo: @lisa-baron-0

Conditions of the Sale:

  • To the best of Seller’s knowledge, Buyer is receiving a healthy cat/kitten free from any serious genetic deficiencies and not harboring any disease, virus or parasites.
    • Since cat/kitten is a living animal, Breeder cannot guarantee a lifetime of health for this animal, nor that it will not contract some form of illness, fungus, virus, or parasites at some point in its lifetime. Therefore, this cat/kitten is being sold “as is”.
    •  Gender determination of kittens can be difficult and mistaken at times. Seller is not responsible if the gender determination of kitten is incorrect. Seller assumes no responsibility for this cat/kitten after it leaves the premises, and it then becomes the Buyers responsibility for all veterinary care, medical expenses, landlord disapproval, family disagreement, mortality, animal allergies, coccidiosis, internal and external parasites, fungus, or any other reason not specified in this document.

_____(initials) Kittens may stress with the change of location, diet, etc. This could consist of sneezing, runny eyes/nose or possible diarrhea. This is not serious and should go away in a few days on its own. During the initial adjustment period kittens do best when confined to a quiet room with carrier, food/ water, & litter box easily accessible

_____(initials)When you bring home your new kitten it is not advisable to allow them to interact with other animals immediately. They should be quarantined for a period of time until they are used to your home and a slow introduction is always recommended. Animals stress when going to their new home. It is a period of huge change for them.

  • The cat will not be denied necessary medical attention. If the owner is unsure whether the animal needs medical services, a vet will be contacted, the situation will be explained, and the vet’s advice will be acted upon.
  • The cat will not be allowed outside. Contact with outside cats or unvetted indoor cats will void the health guarantee.
    • Unvetted cats can carry diseases that are not treatable, and you wouldn’t want to lose your beloved Maine Coon! Allowing the kitten outdoors or exposing to Outdoor Cats before it has been fully vaccinated exposes them to panleukopenia, a deadly virus for which there no treatment.
    • Kittens are extremely susceptible to many serious viruses and can become very ill and it is for these reasons we state in or contract that you do not allow your kitten or cat outside except when transporting to the vet
    • We cannot be held liable or responsible should they contract anything after leaving our cattery and this will void our health and genetic guarantee. Additionally, should you allow the exposure of other diseased cats this will also void our health guarantee as well.
  • The cat will not be declawed, as this is an inhumane and unnecessary act. Cats can be taught not to claw furniture.
  • The cat will receive frequent and kind human attention and not be neglected or mistreated. Maine Coons love attention!
  • If for any reason you cannot retain ownership of the cat/kitten, the Breeder will be contacted to take back the cat/kitten. If breeder finds out kitten has been sold or rehomed without first being offered to the breeder a fine of $2500 will be due the breeder within 30 days.
  • No cat/kitten from this cattery may be sold or given to an animal shelter, a pet store, abandoned, or given to a laboratory!!


  • Kittens and cats purchased from Sheracoons Maine Coons MUST be altered at the expense of the Buyer.
    • Females at 7 months (or earlier)
    • Males 10 months (or earlier) for males
    • TICA Registration paperwork will be provided upon receipt of Proof of Alteration from a licensed Veterinarian on their letterhead within 1 year Birth Date of Kitten/Cat. This will be verified.
    • ____ (initial) Once verified, papers will be issued within 90 days. Failure to provide paperwork by the age of one year will be an automatic judgement for $6000 plus court fees. It will be fully enforced in the state of Maryland and reproduced in the state that buyer resides in and fully enforced to the letter of the law.
  • At NO time are any Sheracoons Maine Coon kittens to be used for breeding without express written/registered consent of Sheracoons Maine Coons.
    • If we find that any cats or kittens have been sold, or are intentionally, or unintentionally, being bred, the Buyer of said animal will pay the full breeding right fee according to that specific litter, and then again for each time breeding occurs.
    • The fees are as following: $2000 for each breeding, plus $1500 for each kitten born, whether they are full blood or mixed.
    • Sheracoons Maine Coons retains the rights to take legal action to receive these fees if not paid in full within 30 days of finding a cat or kitten has been sold or bred.
    • All legal fees will be at the expense of the Buyer of the kitten or cat purchased from Sheracoons Maine Coons.


Your kitten has received his or her first two FVRCP vaccines and in some cases the full series and his or her rabies depending on the age. They have also been dewormed 3-4 times.

If the cat is exposed to cats who are being shown, and/or cats new to the household, we recommend it be vaccinated with a booster vaccine at six-month intervals. Cats who are not exposed to at-risk cats may otherwise be vaccinated yearly.

We strongly recommend you do not let your kitten associate with any outdoor cats or unvetted indoor cats, this will also void our Health Guarantee.
Buyer agrees not to board kitten until kitten has completed series of core vaccines which include FVRCP
and rabies vaccines. If kitten has been boarded before vaccines have been completed contract is voided.

Cats can easily transmit the very common coronavirus (similar to the human cold) and in some 5% of cats, this virus can mutate into FIP, which is currently incurable, however treatments are available.

We recommend giving only the core vaccines which are the FVRCP and rabies vaccines and spacing out vaccines, not giving more than 1 vaccine at a time as this can be a lot on your kitten or cats’ immune system and cause a vaccine reaction.

We do not recommend the Feline Leukemia vaccine as there have been known to be severe side effects with it.

Health Guarantee:

  • To the best of our knowledge, our kittens are free of genetic defects at the time of sale and copies of the veterinary records/shots will be sent home with the Buyer as well as a veterinary health certificate from our veterinarian.
  • Parents are tested for HCM, SMA, PK Def, PKD, FELV/FIV
  • Your kitten comes microchipped.
  • Our Health guarantee covers viral and bacterial diseases for 3 days after Buyer receives the kitten.
    • Kitten must be seen within 72 hours by a licensed veterinarian after pickup/delivery EXCEPT Sundays and Holidays
    • If during this time your cat/kitten seems ill, it should be examined by your veterinarian. If the vet feels that the animal is ill and that the illness was present prior to sale, the Breeder should be contacted at once, before any major treatment has begun (except in emergency situations).
  • Seller guarantees that kitten is free of HCM, SMA, PK and PKDEF the time of the sale.
    • In the event, HCM, SMA, PK or PKDef is found and documented by a licensed veterinarian within Three (3) years of purchase, Breeder/Seller agrees to replace kitten with another kitten of equal worth.
    • A statement from a veterinarian is required for proof of any serious genetic issue or a necropsy.
    • No medical or shipping costs will be refunded.
    • The guarantee will be free replacement of a similar kitten.
    • All kittens go home with 30 days of FREE TRUPANION health insurance. This MUST be activated the day
      before, day of, or day after your kitten leaves. PIN CODE is: BR1SC3122

All veterinarian fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer. In case of illness, the Breeder must be notified immediately by phone, or this guarantee is null and void. The kitten is guaranteed free from life threatening genetic defects for 3 years from date of sale.

Non Disparagement Agreement.
No Negative Postings.

______ (Initial) I, The Buyer, understand that if I have an issue or concern regarding my kitten, Sheracoons, Lisa Baron, or in any way related to this contract or my purchase of a kitten, my remedies are limited to binding arbitration, as set forth above. I agree that under no circumstances will I utilize the internet, any form of social media, any written advertising, or speak to anyone, other than an arbitrator, my lawyer, or my vet, to express such concerns.
_____ (Initial) I, The Buyer, understand that the negative impact of such written statements, even if true, cannot be measured, and therefore agree to liquidated damages in the amount of $500 per day for each day such negative statements posted by me or at my direction remain public.
_____ (Initial) I, The Buyer, will never post any negative information (even if true) regarding my kitten, Sheracoons, Lisa Baron, or any matter related to this Contract

We, the signing parties, consider this document to be legally binding. All parties must initial any changes or additions to this contract.

Breeder/Seller: Lisa Baron Purchaser’s Name:
Email: Email:
Date: Date:
Signature: Signature:

Congratulations on your purchase of a Sheracoons Maine Coon. You’ll be getting an amazing Maine Coon with excellent bloodlines and pedigree.

As of 22 May 2023


“By Closed Cattery”, we mean that we do not permit visitors to our Cattery. That means we DO NOT allow pending Purrever Families to come visit. This is for the safety of the kittens we have in our Nursery and our own, especially during peak Flu & Covid Seasons. Thank you for your understanding.